It’ll help you unwind in more ways than one.

Tech lovers can be notoriously hard to shop for (especially if you’re not a techy person yourself). Add in the fact that the clock is ticking quickly toward the holidays, and you might really be scratching your head about what to get them that will not only impress, but also, you know, arrive in time to actually give it to them.

This year, you don’t have to settle for a gift card—instead, try to think of tech gifts that will boost the recipient’s well-being, based on their interests. If they’re a tech lover (who isn’t, these days?), there are *so many* tech gifts out there that also have wellness benefits. And to save you some time, we rounded up a few of these crowd-pleasing, wow-worthy gifts that you can snag in a pinch.

From the powerful Samsung Galaxy A13 5G phone (which you can get for free now through the end of the year if you switch to Total by Verizon—a new prepaid wireless option that combines the power of America’s most reliable 5G network with the freedom of no-contract plans) to other trending tech gifts like smart bird feeders, digital picture frames, and more, so you can get them a thoughtful gift that shows you get them and what they’re into.

Don’t forget to grab something for yourself too (especially if you’re in need of a new phone upgrade) because sometimes, a self-gifting moment is the best feel-good gift of all.

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Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

One of the main perks of the digital age? The ability to have an almost instant connection to your loved ones, no matter how far away they are. The main perk of this phone? Besides the fact that it streams and downloads super fast, has a

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